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© Lucy Parakhina

"Where Water Comes Together With Other Water" is a selection of photos taken over 2011-2014 on various journeys across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, visiting dams.

This is the first stage of a photographic series, documenting the dominant architecture of country Australia - dams, watertowers and silos. The series is a study of the visual features of these large-scale utilitarian structures in their surrounding natural environments, and also of the experience of undertaking these solo road trips to remote locations.

The series was exhibited at:
Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD
7/8 - 19/8/2014


This exhibition was part of NTRAUE (nature), a twelve-week project that showcased the photographic works of 6 Australian emerging artists. Every two weeks a different artist presented works that explore links between nature and human beings.

Curator's statement: "Each of the artists is pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium to investigate what nature represents to them. The wide range of analog and digital photographic techniques presented in NTRAUE (nature) reflect the many ways - literal, abstract, emotional, political - these artists engage with nature around them and tell stories. All together, they offer new inspirational images and ideas that allow a reassessment of what exists around us."

From 12 June to 16 September 2014, a project curated by Claire Monneraye.