sometimes not always

© Lucy Parakhina

Series presented as part of Recluse, a group show at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, in June 2016.

Gaffa created a call-out for works that used Dorothy Porter's poem 'Blue Mountains Recluse' as inspiration. Participants were asked to use the themes of loneliness, the landscape and isolation as inspiration for their response. 18 artists from Australia and New Zealand were selected to show their work, with mediums ranging from photography to video and each artist bringing their own personal experiences of the isolation of human existence.

These photos were taken over a period of 24 hours on one of the shortest days of the year, in the Hobart winter. I completely isolated myself and did not leave my flat, did not speak or communicate with anyone by text, and did not go on the internet. An attempt to see things to which I am de-sensitised through everyday exposure differently.